Hi! Welcome to Gatemill, a place dedicated to help you build your digital real estate. Our mission is to make sure you create at least one sustainable income source with tried and tested methods or studies backed by science. Gatemill helps digital entrepreneurs save time and focus on tasks that matter.

I’m Grace, the person behind Gatemill. I quitted my job with Deutsche Bank in 2017 to build my online business. My first digital real estate retired my husband and I from our careers in the financial services industry. Today, it’s a business attracting millions of views from around the world. I can run it with just a laptop, whenever I want. With the experience from building my first digital real estate and my expertise as a former IT Consultant, I went on to building more and to helping other entrepreneurs build their own online businesses.

Gatemill aims to be your source for valuable tips and information which are actionable, uncomplicated, accessible and trustworthy to recreate my results. The content on Gatemill is for you if you want to:

  • understand the mental blockings of digital entrepreneurship
  • know the methods to building a successful online business
  • speed up or automate processes in your online business

If you have challenges in your online business journey, I offer 1-on-1 consulting sessions on a limited basis. Reach out here if you are interested.

Grace Teo