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Establishing authority in broad niches.

Gatemill builds, manages and invests in digital real estates. We identify evergreen niches and use the power of technology to increase the value of our digital real estates.

What is a Digital Real Estate

Digital real estates are similar to conventional real estates. They are properties but without any building or land. They exist digitally. Just as you would buy, sell or manage physical properties, you can do the same with digital real estates. It could be a website, a domain name, an online shop or any other digital property.

Unlike traditional properties, digital properties are less capital intensive but have the potential to bring in similar or better returns. At Gatemill, we believe that digital real estates are the new generation of properties which we should be investing in.

We aim to create lasting positive impact with the digital properties we build and invest in. Through progressive craftsmanship, extraordinary design and engaging outreach we elevate our digital communities worldwide.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is guided by the following three principles. They define our character and culture at Gatemill.

— Accountability

We take full responsibility in developing digital real estates which are trustworthy and valuable to society. The goal is to build an ongoing relationship with customers and be a trusted brand in the niches we’re positioned in.


Investing in knowledge, design and the quality of processes will bring us forward as a team to produce the best results possible.

— Entrepreneurship

Constant challenge pushes us out of our comfort zone to take calculated risks and grow. We strongly believe in thinking out of the box to make things better.